A Short Book on How to Write a Short Story

My students recently started writing their own short stories. When thinking about how I’d like for them to learn about the different aspects of a story, it dawned on me that an ebook might be a great way to engage them. So, on a Sunday afternoon, I put one together. Now, it’s hardly great. It took a lot more work than I was expecting it to. And, well, I ended up having to print it off because many of them couldn’t access it.

I used Apple’s Pages to create it. The other option was Book Creator. I chose Pages for a few reasons. The first was the ability to export EPUB files. My thinking was that students could open the file on any eReader. Another reason was that Pages seemed easier to use because it’s a word processor. Lastly, I haven’t really ever used Pages, and the advertising persuaded me.

The biggest reason I chose not to use Book Creator was that it is exclusively for use on a tablet. Further to that, it’s somewhat cumbersome to use, having to insert every object, such as text boxes and pictures, as a unique element. The app just isn’t capable of handling formatting more complex than something like a bulletin board. (I may be using it wrong.)

I’ve attached the PDF version to this post. I can’t upload the EPUB version for security reason, says WordPress; maybe one day I’ll publish it on iBooks. Please feel free to use it. And, like I told my students, if you find that something is missing, confusing, useless, or just wrong, please let me know and I’ll create an updated version when another Sunday afternoon rolls around.

A Short Book on How to Write a Short Story

A Short Book on How to Write a Short Story
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