Teaching Gifted Students – The Plan

After dragging my feet on this for about a week, I think that I’ve finally come up with a skeleton plan.

To view the plan, please click here: Teaching Gifted Students.

I tried to make it a little bit interesting by drawing in pictures. I used Noteshelf 2 to draw this up on my iPad.

As with all plans that I make, I’m expecting this one to change. I’m sure that I’ll get distracted by something that I come across, but if I can lazily follow what I have here, I think I’ll be ready for September.

Notice anything I missed? Have any suggestions for what I should change? Want me to do some research for you because you’re having trouble getting started on your own? Just wanna drop a line with your thoughts? Please leave a comment below.

Now, time to get to work.

Teaching Gifted Students – The Plan
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